My mission in life is to help humans heal themselves. Pura Luna Wholeness is here to support you in healing through the phases with intentionally curated wellness events, ceremonies, and retreats. I look forward to be of service to your wellness goals and beyond!

Welcome. i'm Ashe Brown
and i'm so glad you're here

My intention is to help humans rise above and love themselves through their adversities to step fully into their practice. I have also made it my mission to be a mirror and/or a bridge for herbalism, spirituality and western medicine to work together to achieve wellness harmony. I believe that we are all the gatekeepers of the future, so when we heal ourselves, we ultimately heal the world.

about Ashe – ex-Make-up Artist turned Spiritual Herbalist, cool mom, Ceremonialist, Visionary, & Curator of Healing Experiences. 

My name is Ashe (pronounced -Ash). I am a spiritual herbalist, visionary, sacred space holder, ceremonialist, and curator of healing experiences. My passion is to create healing containers and provide tools for humans to heal, especially for women of color.

As a childhood cancer survivor and womb-less warrior (I had a life-saving hysterectomy at 36) my fortitude to continuously heal from life's obstacles has made me compassionate  and understanding of the challenges that many experience in their lifetime.

What if saying "yes" to that retreat or special event was the catalyst toward your best self emerging?

May I hold space for your healing and wellness goals?

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